About me

Dr. Moniek M. Kuijpers

-Postdoctoral Fellow at the Digital Humanities Lab of the University of Basel in Switzerland

-PI of the Digital Lives project “Mining Goodreads. A text similarity-based approach to measure reader absorption” funded by the SNSF

-Board Member of the Society for Empirical Studies of Literature (IGEL) – In charge of training schools, Member of E-READ (Evolution of Reading in the Age of Digitisation), member of PALA (Poetics and Linguistics Association)

-Research interests: story world absorption during reading, reading and well-being, bibliotherapy, empirical literary studies, story literacy, reading habits, psychometrics


  • PhD in Empirical Literary Studies, 2014, Utrecht University
  • ReMA Literary & Cultural Studies, 2009, Groningen University

You can find all of my published papers as preprints on Open Science Framework.

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