Things I find inspiring

The Underground New York Public Library

This beautiful website by Ourit Ben-Haim features photo’s of readers absorbed in their books while traveling on the New York Subway. Every photo comes with the title of the book that the portrayed person is reading and a link to a library nearby or an online bookshop. These pictures always make me smile and remember why I want to study absorption.


(My favourite) Ted Talks

In my breaks (or at times when I have trouble concentrating) I usually watch TED Talks. I think I see them as legitimate procrastination, since I usually come out of a TED Talk feeling energised and ready to tackle the problem I was trying to avoid when I started to watch. I have made a list of talks that I found particularly stimulating; the link above will take you there.


Grand Central

Jasper Fforde’s hilarious online ‘extra’s’ to his wildly imaginative Thursday Next Series, Nursery Crimes Series and Dragonslayer Series. Fforde takes storytelling to another level!


Mc Sweeney’s

Literary magazine extraordinaire! Dave Eggers is the driving force behind this literary magazine and so much more. I am especially inspired by his 826 tutoring initiative.


-The Novel Cure

Something troubling you? Can’t find time to read? Don’t know what to read? The bibliotherapists, Berthoud and Elderkin, have a great resource of reading tips tailored to different ailments on their website The Novel Cure. If you like what they are doing in The Surgery you should definitely go ahead and by their book! This book has given me some great ideas for new reads!