Here you can find links to all kinds of resources that I use in my research and that I think are worthwhile to share.




These are websites or blogs that I follow or are a member of and that are about reading, about books, about people who are passionate about reading and books. These sites inspire me, sure, but they are also interesting, fascinating and useful for my research in different ways. And I think that they are interesting for everybody – researcher or reader – interested to learn more about books, reading, the reading brain.



This is a list of things that inspire me, that feed my creative thinking, and that motivate me to learn more. This might sound a bit over the top, bit if you take a look at the items on this list, you will understand what I mean. These are things that make me smile, that remind me of why I am doing what I am doing and can pull me out of a rut or ‘unstuck me’ when I am stuck on a problem.



I am kind of a sucker for ‘productivity-hacks’: tools or methods to make your workflow more efficient.  I want to share the productivity-hacks that are vital to my every work day and the weblogs that brought me in contact with these hacks. Improving my efficiency and productivity is a fun way of pushing myself and keeping myself motivated. Doing research is slow business sometimes: it can take a long while before you actually see results and by the time that your results are in print you are already a couple of steps further and find yourself – if you are doing your job well – doubting them. This can be a harrowing process and demotivating sometimes. I think that is one of the reasons that I like to keep track of new ways of organising my work flow and increasing my productivity, since you can see results immediately and it gives you a sense of control. Also, I think it is good to jolt your system every once in a while and try something new. It seems counterintuitive, but a lot of these things that are designed to make you more efficient, actually make me feel more creative, since they change the way I look at my thinking or writing processes. It is fun to streamline these kinds of processes, to try to improve not only your thinking, writing or working, but also the way you think, write and work.