Websites/blogs on reading and reading research


I use this website for several reasons: 1) I like to keep track of what I am reading, have read, and want to read, 2) I like to get ideas about what to read next, and 3) it is a vast source of beautiful illustrations of absorbing reading experiences.



This website is founded and maintained by my Canadian colleagues Rebecca Wells-Jopling, Keith Oatley and Raymond Mar. Their goal is to ‘develop the psychology of fiction. Using theoretical and empirical perspectives, they endeavour to understand how fiction is created, and how readers and audience members engage in it.’ The authors regularly post interesting and sometimes even inspiring articles on everything to do with reading and the study of reading. Worth checking out if you like to know how reading works.



This is the website of the NWO funded research project ‘Varieties and determinants of narrative absorption’ of which my PhD project was a part. You can find information on our studies, results, and the researchers that were part of the project.


Poetry beyond text 

I came to know about this fascinating project through Dr. Martin Fisher, whom I met at a Balzan Workshop on immersion in Berlin last May. This research project deals with questions of transmediality, a topic I find very interesting, especially when it comes to the question of how combining several media can change ways of telling a story and ways of absorbing readers.


Reading digital fiction

There are so many ways to tell a story, other than the traditional paper book. This research project focuses on digital ways of telling stories, mostly on the web. When Prof. Astrid Enslinn gave a keynote lecture at the 2014 IALS conference she told us about this amazing project and sparked an interest in me for developing possible projects on absorption in digital, participatory narratives.